Peoples Pennant

How have I never heard of The Peoples Pennant until now? Founded in March 2012, The Peoples Pennant seeks to "elevate the pennant from the confines of sports to celebrate the awesomeness of everyday" by curating a collection of handcrafted felt pennants designed by contemporary artists and designers. The combined nature of a childhood filled with my Grandpa's old college pennants and the fact that I now live in a comically sterile single room that is just dying to be decorated - plus my obvious obsession with streamlined illustration and typography - means that I am pretty much guaranteed to buy at least 3 of these, and maybe more if I can find an excuse to give them as Christmas gifts. I'm especially obsessed with "Look Closer" by Always with Honor and Invisible Creature's "Blast Off," but really, all of them are great. I sadly missed their cyber monday sale, but their newest pennant, an awesome maroon bike themed "Ride" by Brent Couchman, is 15% off with the code "ilikemybike!" 
- Elizabeth


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