GIRLS: Fact + Fiction Exhibition at Light Grey Art Lab

Ahh! Totally awesome new show opened at the Minneapolis Light Grey Art Lab last night! In case you don't remember - this is the same gallery that did the spectacular Pokemon Battle Royale show earlier this year, and the equally ambitious "Light Grey Tarot" collection - so it is no surprise that they were yet again able to curate an amazing collection of artists and illustrators. Half the illustrators chose to depict real-life heroines, while the other half were inspired by fictional women from pop culture and literature. I wish I was able to visit the gallery myself, but in the meantime, I've included some of my favorites below, and you can check out loads more on Light Grey Art lab's site. And to top it all off... if you spend over $100 in their shop between now and December 7th, you get a GIRLS: Fact + Fiction book for free! Just type in this code at checkout: 100GETSABOOK. Hooray!
- Elizabeth


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