Ana Himes

Frankly, I love everything Ana Himes has done. Her weird retro collages are sci-fi kitsch incarnate, and all of her photos are beautifully composed and glowing with color. That said, I find the short themed photo sets that she creates to be especially powerful for their examination of such wonderfully specific visual motif.
Her series "Traces in" - comprised of photos that peek into the back seats of strangers cars - particularly caught my eye for its hesitant but surprisingly intimate take on voyeurism and connection; the double exposure effect created by the outside reflections on the windows and the odd objects found in the cars themselves create a strong uncanny feeling and allows the viewer to form wonderful little windows into mysterious lives. Check out Ana's website for several other photo series and some works on paper!
- Elizabeth


Unknown said...
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ana himes said...

MANY THANKS for this post! :)
I´m happy you like my work.

Here is my last photographic series, just in case u like to check it out:

B.R. from Madrid!

-Ana Himes-

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