Ping Zhu

This morning, I woke up comfortably late, made myself a slacker breakfast of fried eggs and a bowl of cinnamon life, and sat down to read the New York Times Sunday Review - in truth, I should admit that while I do really enjoy reading the newspaper, half of the time I am also just out to enjoy all the great NYT illustrations - so, of course, I was pleased when I came across a really cool piece by Ping Zhu (accompanying an equally interesting article about the questionable importance of yearly checkups)! Ping Zhu is originally from LA, though she now lives in London, and she graduated in 2010 from Art Center College of Design. Ping has a really wonderfully loose style of working that, while simple, is highly evocative and full of emotion. I love her portraits especially because they have such a strong sense of personality, and are perfected by the tiny touches of neutral color she's added, and the variety of textures created from mixing dry and wet brush techniques. Check out her website - or today's NYT! - for more great work, as well as this super recent (just-found-after-I-wrote-all-this-already) short chat with her over on Ape on the Moon
- Elizabeth


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