Jason Yarmosky's Elder Kinder

Wonderful pieces from SVA grad Jason Yarmosky. This body of work, "Elder Kinder," is a fantastic first series - it is not just technically well-rendered, but it has such a great sense of light and depth, and an extremely thorough consideration of the idea of aging and vulnerability through a variety of subjects and settings. Jason describes the series better himself, saying:
  • "My paintings examine the relationship between the limitations of social norms and the freedom to explore, particularly the juxtaposition between the young and old. The carefree nature that is associated with youth often gives way to borders and boundaries placed on adult behavior... I choose to explore this theme with two people very close to me, my eighty-four year old grandparents... the resulting paintings capture the intersection of the battered body and the vibrant soul. The images in this series can be seen as either humiliating or empowering. The pessimist sees the images through the lens of shame and vulnerability, weighed down by social convention. The optimist sees a sense of liberation, where an adolescent's playfulness and the freedom to dream complement the wisdom of old age"
Visit his website for more work, or, if you are lucky enough to be living in Paris, check out his show at Galerie Favardin & De Verneuil before it closes on the 12th!
- Elizabeth


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