Alex Roulette

Wow! Amazing work by MICA grad and current Columbia MFA student Alex Roulette. His style seems distinctly American to me, depicting epic open plains or forests, full of nomads and broken down cars - I find it reminds me of some of Andrew Wyeth's work, Christina's World especially, due to its muted browns, sense of distance, and varying layers of detail in the grass as it extends beyond the front plane. 
The colors in Alex's paintings are beautiful as well, playing with complementary balances, and often connoting the purplish undertones and light leaks of a disposable camera. Subtle uncanny elements also pepper his pieces, and push them just beyond into something unexpected, and sometimes, slightly unnerving. Definitely click through to see the full images, as they have so much small detail worth checking out, or visit his website for loads more work, including some closer portrait based images.
- Elizabeth


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