Mia Nolting

Lovely sketches and designs from San Fransisco bay area native Mia Nolting. I first heard of her from a friend, who had ordered a copy of a beautiful, roughly handcrafted book from Nolting—she silkscreens and photocopies myriad collaged and drawn images, and stitches them together into bewitchingly unpredictable documents. The rest of her work also has a delightfully collaged, sketchy aesthetic, whether it is a commissioned piece (her clients include Penguin Publishing, The New York Times Magazine, and Toms Shoes, to name a few) or a personal drawing. Since returning from a residency in Cape Town, South Africa, she lives and works in Portland Oregon. I especially love the way she integrates textures and text with her delicate line drawings, and the spontaneous, nearly haphazard feel of all her pieces is entirely irresistible.
See more at her website and shop.


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