Lena Corwin

Happy Mother's Day! I was trying to find something somewhat related to "mothers" to post about but I was completely unsuccessful because what does that even mean, so instead I decided to post about Lena Corwin's textiles work because, well, she's a lady herself, and plus textiles are kind of... home... and er, mother-related. (Re: Flight of the Conchords song about women weaving?)

Anyways, Lena is absolutely a jack of all trades. Besides designing textiles, she also does photoshoot styling, hand-printing, and illustration work, and she has even written and illustrated two different books that teach children how to crochet and weave. Her textile designs are really lovely and simple; they are slightly retro, but far more minimalist than your mom's old 60's couch, and definitely softer too. I'm particularly enamored with this triangular pattern she's created - its so geometric and strong, yet also quite irregular and organic because of the uneven shapes and floral elements. Check out her website for more work. Now someone buy me a pillow, stat!
- Elizabeth

P.S. I just want to say a special I love you to my mom, because she is an outstandingly amazing women who is not just beautiful and super smart but incredibly kind and generous as well. You did good, mama. 


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