Hellen Jo

I have been infatuated with Hellen Jo's work ever since I bought a copy of Electric Ant in 2009 that she did the cover for, and let me just say that if you are into illustration and the internet and don't know her by now than I think you must be living under a rock with a DSL connection because this girl is consistently working it. 
Hel;en is an art school dropout who lives in Burbank, and besides being a crazy cool illustrator and person in general, also works as an assistant story board revisionist for the ever awesome Cartoon network "Regular Show" (p.s. how great is Cartoon Network these days? Thank God we've finally moved past things like Codename: Kids Next Door and Ed Edd n Eddy to have actually great programs like the Regular Show and Adventure Time.

Her style is perfectly illustrative and very distinctive, and her delicate but heavily textured watercolor and faux-dry-brush technique are to die for. Hellen does a great job of seamlessly combining aspects of modern Korean culture and American trends with classic folk-lore, tradition and history - her full page pieces even remind me a bit of tableaus. I also especially just love the somewhat innocent but also deeply mischievous and I don't know, grungy (?) attitudes she gives her characters. Much more work can be seen on her website, and you can also follow her on twitter here. 
- Elizabeth  


Wishcandy said...

i love her work so much. the controlled color palette, and the rebel attitudes! <3

i had no idea she lived so close to me either. (i'm no creeper, i swear...)

Lady Ele said...

I do love her work!!!

Jardley said...

Whoa! Had no clue she works for Regular Show!

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