Chris Turnham

Honestly, every time I research an artist I'd previously loved from afar, I feel like I find out that they did concept artwork for the 2009 clay-mation movie Coraline (Tadahiro Uesugi, Jon Klassen, etc. seriously.) Los Angeles illustrator Chris Turnham is in fact one of these people, though in truth, I actually found him because of the lovely animated ad for Persol sunglasses he worked on this year. 
His style, like others that have worked for Coraline production company Laika, is very mid-century and a bit loose, full of crayon textures and sketchy pencil lines. However, Chris also has a very strong understanding of geometry and perspective, and creates these drawings of houses that have enough personality in them that I almost want to call them portraits. 
This inclination towards clean lines is definitely something that can be seen in Chris's printmaking work as well - in fact, Chris is one half of the print duo and general purveyor of retro babes "Fleet Street Scandal" with fellow illustrator Kevin Dart
So, take a look at some of his work, and definitely check out the Persol video - it is really just... really, really, great. There's lots more work on his site, as well as a super interview with him over on "LA, I'm Yours" where you can see photographic proof of how adorable he is (guys, he baked Bobby Solomon brownies. I know.)
- Elizabeth


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