Casey Weldon

I'm baaack! I'm officially finished with my first year at RISD and Brown as of this past weekend, thank god, and I am already itching to get back to blogging, as well as to start my super-cool summer internships at 20x200 and Fred Flare. Hooray! Anyways, expect regular posting again starting well... right now.

Casey Weldon was born in southern California, and studied at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. He now lives in Brooklyn, where he works as a fine artist and illustrator. I love his use of faded browns mixed with muddy pastel colors, and his injection of pop surrealism techniques and subject matter into otherwise quite straightforward portraits creates a wonderful sense of oddity and the uncanny in his work. I especially love his "Wet Hot American Summer" piece, because well, you should know by now that I love that movie, and also because I think the choice to render the painting entirely in bubblegum pink works surprisingly well (especially considering how much gum chewing goes on in that movie!) Casey has a solo show opening at Spoke Art on June 7th, in San Francisco, so if any of you are in the area, definitely take a look! Check out his blog for more work.
- Elizabeth


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