Caitlin Kuhwald

Hey guys! Just a heads-up that I'm currently in the middle of my finals at both Brown and RISD (writing neuroscience and art history research papers, building marionettes, doing 6' square paintings, etc. boy oh boy) so while I will try to post as much as I can, I probably won't be posting every day as usual, and my commentary might be a bit shorter - I promise I still have some cool things to show you though!

Anyways, I love Caitlin's work. Her mix of bright colors and neutrals as well as her combination of facial realism with more illustrative and graphic geometric forms create pieces with a really interesting sense of dichotomy and depth. I especially love her portrait of Joan from Mad Men, who besides being one of my favorite characters on TV today, sure makes for a wonderfully colorful and compositionally balanced portrait! More great work can be seen on her website, and you check out her shop (everything is on sale!) here
- Elizabeth


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