Rubber House Studio

Rubber House is a design studio based out of Melbourne, and led by Gregory Sharp and Ivan Dixon, that specializes in wildly colorful and wonderfully peculiar animations and character designs. They are total wizards when it comes to color choice, and the characters they come up with all have a great lowbrow-pop, uncanny, or (dare I say), rubbery look about them. The bulbous style reminds me a bit of some of Gary Baseman's, but with less of a mid-century tilt, and a bit more variety.
My favorite work of theirs is probably the video they did for Gotye's "State of the Art," because not only did they clearly work really hard to have the video line up with the changes in the song perfectly, but they did it in a really bold, unexpected, and unique way; the fluorescent glow and the pastel colors, plus the retro looking family and setting are a great fit for an otherwise eclectic piece of music. 
Their illustration work is a lot of fun as well, ranging from watercolor storyboards to characters for a children's TV show pitch, so definitely check out their site. Great work!
- Elizabeth

Gotye - State Of The Art - official film clip from Gotye on Vimeo.

Gotye- Don't Worry, We'll Be Watching You- official animation from Gotye on Vimeo.

The Big Winner from Rubber House on Vimeo.


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