Melinda Boyce and Aaron Whitaker (Gingham Ghosts)

Melina Boyce and Aaron Whitaker are the epitome of awesome. They live in Austin, TX, and create short autobiographical comics about their life and relationships, and are not just totally hilarious, but also really talented illustrators, and a pretty damn adorable couple to boot. While they each have very different aesthetic styles - Melinda hand-paints her comics with brightly colored gouache and colored pens, while Aaron sticks to expressive black and white line drawings - both are amazingly adept at capturing the contrasting humor and sweetness of the everyday in bite sized pieces. It's also really interesting to see how they each approach their relationship and living situation from different perspectives and styles, sometimes illustrating the same idea or event in very different ways (example: Aaron's crazy beard.)
Aaron and Melina also each just finished fundraising on kickstarter for longer comic projects, which look really cool as well - Melina is creating a quarterly, color, to-you-door comic called "the Melinderly," while Aaron has published an 180 page graphic novel called "the City Troll" about a 20 something with a self-loathing alter-ego. Definitely check out their respective sites, or just head over to Gingham Ghost to see all of their work in one place. 
- Elizabeth


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