Lauren Gregg

OH MAN these are actually fantastic. I am a sucker for anything retro-cute, and the anthropomorphic characters in Lauren's work draw so perfectly on the vintage children's book aesthetic while also using saturated colors and pop culture references to stay modern and fun. I remember seeing her Fantastic Mr. Fox piece (first below) in the "Bad Dads" show last year, and I am still especially infatuated with it - I think the symmetrical composition, the slight ombre, and the emphasis on geometry are great, and I just love love love the way she drew the little fox tail with the bow. I also think the Wet Hot American Summer Piece (below the fox) is pretty great as well, but also just because I love that movie (sequel? anyone?)
Check out her website for a lot more work, both digital and painted, as well as a bit of animation.
- Elizabeth

P.S. We're going to have a guest post tomorrow from my awesome friend, artist, and future Roommate Pierie Korostoff, who is a textiles major, and who is going to start posting on here every so often about fiber, folk, and craft art! BE EXCITED BECAUSE I AM.


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