Kaye Blegvad and Datter Industries

I've been waiting to write a post on Kaye Blegvad for a week or two now, but wanted to wait until I had received a ring I'd bought from her in the post first. However, the ring in question, an awesome gold skull ring, finally came today, and my belief in her awesomeness has only been confirmed and therefore, is ready to be documented!
Kaye is a London born illustrator who is currently working out of Brooklyn and churning out wonderful illustrations and jewelry alike. Her illustration work is simple and unadorned, but with slight hints of femininity, naivety, and modernity. I love her use of cut and painted paper elements, and the variety of textures that she combines together in her work. It's not surprising that she's talented at jewelry making as well, utilizing the same simplistic but evocative aesthetics as in her drawings to create wonderful pieces that reference mystical talismans in an updated and very wearable way. She recently had a sale on Fab (where I bought my ring!) but now she's selling jewelry and prints for even cheaper in her etsy stores! So go go go! More work can also be seen on her blog, which iscomically titled "Kate Blegvad's Blogvad."
- Elizabeth

this be my hand


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