JooHee Yoon

Hey guys! Sorry for what was essentially the first longer-than-one-day lapse in daily posting since January - I had my neuroscience final exam and was stressing out big time, so I figured I should probably focus on that for a few days even if it meant neglecting Etch! In case you were wondering... the test went well, and I'm so excited to have enough time to be able to share more pretty stuff with you again!

Anyways, to start things back up again... here's some great work from Massachusetts based RISD illustration grad JooHee Yoon. I was initially impressed by JooHee simply because of the amount of time she must put into the each of her illustrations due to the somewhat arduous nature of printmaking, but beyond that, I am mostly impressed by her ability to utilize the best parts of that printmaking process to create organically layered illustrations that embrace overlapping elements, textures, and transparent inks in a fun and contemporary way. JooHee also has a wonderful sense of character, and creates illustrations that really highlight subject's quirky natures. Loads and loads more work available for looking at on her website!
- Elizabeth


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