Ivy Tai

Ivy Tai is another recent graduate from RISD illustration, currently working in NY, who has been making some really great work throughout her student and post-grad life. While at RISD, Ivy made dozens of awesome poster designs for school events (many of which I still see around every so often!), and from these alone her typographical adeptness and skill at overall composition and design are highly visible. However, what blew me away the most from her were these fantastic quiet landscape and interior scenes she created; I know I throw the word cinematic around on here a lot... but these really are so cinematic and full of narrative, suspense and mystery! And from what I've read on her blog, some of them were actually done for a cinematics class! Imagine that. 
Her style is very crisp and deliberate, but still manages to remain playful and charmingly illustrative thanks to skewed and dramatic perspective, and hints of more saturated colors, even in her darker pieces. Ivy also won a Society of Illustrators award last year for her piece "Absolut Ivy," (seen at the very bottom of this post.) Check out more of Ivy's work on her website or blog.
- Elizabeth


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