Emily Walus

I should get something off the chest here -I hate painting with gouache. I hate the texture, I don't understand how to mix non-chalky colors with it, and the damn stuff just dries so fast. In fact, not understanding gouache might be one of the main reasons I decided to major in graphic design over illustration. That said, in the typical ironies of life, I absolutely LOVE the way it looks. So, imagine how totally infatuated I was when I saw Emily Walus's gouache work at the illustration open studios here at RISD. Girl knows gouache. Her work is so classically illustrative and highly detailed, and her colors are amazingly rich and expressive. I especially love her landscapes, which have such a sense of depth for such teeny little paintings, and amazingly well rendered rocks. The owl bottle is pretty great too, though. More work on her blog!


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