George Bletsis

Great work from UK illustrator George Bletsis! George wrote to me about his work back in February, and I loved it so much that I didn't even bother to put him in my "to post about later" folder, as I knew I wanted to write about him right away! Clearly, my attempts at timeliness and organization didn't pan out as I had planned, and I'm only just getting to writing this in April, but despite my tardy posting, I really do think he's on a roll. 
George got his BA in animation, and I think this totally comes across in his work - his pieces have a really cinematic quality to them, and suggest a larger narrative and world at play. I also really appreciate his mix of materials, creating works that appear to be done in old-school gouache as much as they look like cleanly textured vectors. Besides illustration, George also works in the Film, TV, and gaming industries, and the concept and character art he's created for these jobs is certainly not without the imagination seen in his illustrations. Check out his website to see the rest of his portfolio, or visit his fairly regularly updated blog for sketches and comic work.
- Elizabeth


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