Corinne Reid

Let me be honest here for a second; I absolutely love all Asian inspired watercolor illustrations. I don't care if some people consider it to be an overused style, or even mind if there are several different culturally inaccurate Chinese dragons in the piece, I just think they look great. These awesome digital watercolor inspired pieces by Corrine Reid definitely confirm my love, and even manage to avoid the cultural inaccuracies and style snark. Corrine is able to take the best parts of Eastern aesthetic - the subtle painterly ombre effects, the mythical creatures, and the monumental and dynamic compositions - and update it through digital means to add crisp lines and a wonderful textured glow. The bottom piece is one of my favorites, though you'll have to click through to see the full image to really appreciate it! More work on Corrine's website
-  Elizabeth


Liz Mooney said...

She was at RISD yesterday!

Elizabeth Goodspeed said...

Ah, really? Was she part of the James Gurney talk? I had no idea!!

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