Anita Kunz

Wow! I absolutely love love love the work of veteran Canadian artist and illustrator Anita Kunz. She's been working in the industry for years, creating pieces for Rolling Stone, the New Yorker, Time Magazine, and dozens more, but her portfolio is constantly evolving, and has managed to stay contemporary and inspiring over the years while still maintaining a wonderful recognizable style. I'm most compelled by her personal work, as it has a really great surreal, bizarre, almost 19th century curiosity vibe to it. I think Anita is an absolute master of diptychs, triptychs, and just plain old series as well, creating dynamic sets of paintings that playfully contrast each other and speak to different aspects of a single idea. That said, her commercial illustrations are fantastic as well, taking the same elements of the absurd and unexpected as her personal work but applying them to more conventional subject matter. Definitely take a look at her website for more personal paintings, and her blog for commercial work. 
- Elizabeth


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