Japanese artist Agoera was born in 1986 in the Shizuoka Prefecture, and while he graduated from the Tama Art University with a degree in graphic design, most of his current work is far more fine arts based, using Romantic painterly techniques to depict cinematic scenes and still lives. I especially love his pieces that feature everyday objects - I think the simulated smooth textures from the smudgy layering of paint combined with the implied stories about the objects' owners makes them sweet but subtly mysterious. I'm particularly infatuated with the teapot, though, probably because it's just so perfectly unassuming and simple in its colors and composition. More of Agoera's work can be seen on his website (though I'm warning you ahead of time that you may need to run it through google translate to see his commentary, unless you speak Japanese, and if you do speak Japanese, I am extremely envious of you.) 
- Elizabeth


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