Adriana Torres' Miga de Pan

Hi! I am so excited to be doing my first guest post on Domestic Etch—as a textiles major and enthusiast of all things soft and fibrous, I adore these pieces by Buenos Aires-based textile design label Miga de Pan. Designed by Adriana Torres, a former art director who also studied architecture, graphic design and illustration, Miga de Pan’s work ranges from baby toys to fiber necklaces to home accessories and d├ęcor. The playful, simplified animals in the illustrations caught my eye first, but her embroidery pieces are even better—beautiful, subdued colors and charming patterns, not to mention sweet, understated content like tea sets and cats on bikes. To top it all off, I love the bigger crocheted pieces for the home, like a crocheted tree stump step stool (adorable babies modeling the pieces as well! What’s not to love?). Plus, Miga de Pan means “breadcrumb” in Spanish—a perfectly charming little name for an enchanting design label. 
- Pierie


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So cute! Love love love!

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