Toby Thane Neighbors

Excuse my language but holy shit, these may be some of the coolest illustrations I've seen in a very long time. Toby has such a completely and totally unique aesthetic style; every line he draws has a purpose, right down its weight and angle, and I love the almost bubbly way that he draws his characters in profile to contrast all the other straight lines he draws. 
He also does a really great job of injecting fun elements of kitschy Wild West history into his pieces through his warm color palettes and the addition of small frontier objects and tokens.
So great! I'm absolutely hooked. I wish he had a shop so I could stick some of this stuff on my wall! Lots more on his website. He also runs the super cool illustration collaboration website Illostribute.
- Elizabeth


Wishcandy said...

Diana the Huntress is so fabulous! His style is pretty refreshing. Very stylized and humorous.

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