Peony Yip "The White Deer"

How have I not heard of Hong Kong artist Peony Yip before? Her work reminds me a lot of Charmaine Olivia's earlier pieces (back when she did more line drawings than oil paintings) but with a lot more simplicity, romance, and variety. I really love how Peony has explored a diverse range of visual ideas throughout her art-making career, creating little sets that each study a different aesthetic concept but that still fit together as a larger portfolio that considers modern femininity and our connection to nature. I also love that in most of her pieces, you can't quite be sure what elements are digital or traditional, something that is definitely echoed in the subtle color palettes that mirror delicate watercolors just as much as they do thicker gouache or computer rendered swatches. Check out her website for more - she has a fun set with bruises I didn't include but that looks like it was inspired by Ryan McGinley, which is always nice.
- Elizabeth 


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