Liza Corsillo for Hickoree's Hard Goods

My mom was having a kind of tough time at work, so I bought her a bottle of this Morris Kitchen Ginger Syrup by brother-sister duo Tyler and Kari Morris that I saw online to cheer her up. This led to a series of revelations: 
- First off, the ginger syrup tastes spectacular. While my mom is a huge fan of ginger, I have always been sort of neutral on the flavor; this changed my mind completely. I literally want to put this on everything. 
- Second, the bottle the syrup comes in is a classic apothecary inspired amber glass bottle, and has this amazing letter-pressed label on it. I'm still trying to track down who printed it, because it's really quite sweet, with these little asterisks on the side and a great mix of brown and greyish blue ink. 
- Third, the store I bought it from, Hickoree's Hard Goods, seems really cool - they sell a whole slew of well-designed projects and apparel, and while most of it, unfortunately for me, seems to be for men/wonderfully-androgynous-women-whose-body-types-allow-them-to-wear-button-down-shirts-without-gaping, they're definitely work checking out. 
- LASTLY, when I got my package in the mail, it came with this really sick illustrated poster by Liza Corsillo (who is also apparently the sister of the Brothers who own Hickoree's - really, how much cuter could this all be?) I looked her up, and here we are.

I love Liza's unadorned, and unpretentious style. Her hatching and cross-hatching is simple but effective, and she knows just which details and seams to draw on her objects in order to convey their spirit without overdoing it with specifics. I also love how her hand-drawn pencil type totally captures the feel and style of the font being replicated, but without being completely perfect. Hooray! More work on her website.  
- Elizabeth


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