Carson Ellis

I was nostalgically listening to the Decemberists today and on re-realizing how great the Crane Wife album cover is, decided to look up who the artist was. Lo-and-behold, apparently all the Decemberists artwork has been done by Carson Ellis, who besides being married to a one of a kind crooner, is a really talented illustrator! I absolutely adore her style; it's delicate and sweet, but also full of humor, bold shapes, and varied line-work and floral elements. The color palettes and the watercolor and ink technique on some of her pieces remind me a bit of a more representational Scott C, but partly what I admire about Carson is her ability to work in so many mediums while still maintaining a distinctive and recognizable style - she can work very illustratively and very classically, but it is all Carson Ellis. Check out her website for a lot more great stuff. 
- Elizabeth


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