Aurore Damant

When I first looked at the work of Aurore Damant, I almost couldn't believe she was a modern illustrator; her pieces are so unbelievably retro and adorable, I figured that they must be from the golden age of illustration, ripped from an old 1957 Girl Scout's or Jack And Jill magazine. But alas! Aurore Damant is not just alive right now, but is also a graduate of Gobelins animation program, and working out of Paris doing animation, illustration, and character design work. I love Aurore's commitment to the mid-century colors and style, but also her inclusion of modern elements and characters (the "Suburbia" piece below, for one, is referencing Edward Scissorhands) to punch things up a bit. You can see more work on her blog, and she also has a French children's book out about a boy who is super invested in his ukelele. So, yes. 


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