Peony Yip "The White Deer"

How have I not heard of Hong Kong artist Peony Yip before? Her work reminds me a lot of Charmaine Olivia's earlier pieces (back when she did more line drawings than oil paintings) but with a lot more simplicity, romance, and variety. I really love how Peony has explored a diverse range of visual ideas throughout her art-making career, creating little sets that each study a different aesthetic concept but that still fit together as a larger portfolio that considers modern femininity and our connection to nature. I also love that in most of her pieces, you can't quite be sure what elements are digital or traditional, something that is definitely echoed in the subtle color palettes that mirror delicate watercolors just as much as they do thicker gouache or computer rendered swatches. Check out her website for more - she has a fun set with bruises I didn't include but that looks like it was inspired by Ryan McGinley, which is always nice.
- Elizabeth 

Karin Soderquist

Really unique 3D and collage illustrations from Camberwell College of Arts graduate Karin Soderquist. I admire her ability to create her vision with whatever material is available, and imitate the same opaque flatness despite the variety of materials that she is using. More on her website
- Elizabeth

Domestic Etch tote bags and giveaway winners

Hey! Thanks to everyone who commented on this post to win a free copy of the newest Domestic Etch and a tote bag! I used an online randomizer and the winners are... Danielle Estefan and Eleanor McComb! So, you guys should send me a message with your addresses so I can mail you your swag right away.

For everyone else, hopefully you'll be happy to know that you can now buy your own tote for a measly $9 over at our store! It's a bargain, plus we'll also send you a nice note, and maybe even a copy of an old issue...

Thanks again for all the support - you guys rock!
- Elizabeth

Andrea Kalfas

Great work from MICA grad Andrea Kalfas! I first saw Andrea in Nobrow 6 "The Double," and absolutely loved the color palette and attention to texture and detail in her piece. The rest of her work is just as swell, featuring the same bright colors and fun distinctive characters. I usually hate whimsy, but Andrea manages to make pieces that have an appealing capriciousness and charm without becoming too overdone.The way she draws eyes and floral elements reminds me a bit of Meg Hunt, who I believe she has worked with in the past, but make no mistake, Andrea has a style all her own! Can't wait to see more from her. Lots more work on her website!
- Elizabeth

Carson Ellis

I was nostalgically listening to the Decemberists today and on re-realizing how great the Crane Wife album cover is, decided to look up who the artist was. Lo-and-behold, apparently all the Decemberists artwork has been done by Carson Ellis, who besides being married to a one of a kind crooner, is a really talented illustrator! I absolutely adore her style; it's delicate and sweet, but also full of humor, bold shapes, and varied line-work and floral elements. The color palettes and the watercolor and ink technique on some of her pieces remind me a bit of a more representational Scott C, but partly what I admire about Carson is her ability to work in so many mediums while still maintaining a distinctive and recognizable style - she can work very illustratively and very classically, but it is all Carson Ellis. Check out her website for a lot more great stuff. 
- Elizabeth

Dana Tanamachi

You've probably seen Dana's work before - it's been on the cover of Oprah magazine, in Adidas ads, and all over tumblr for months now - but you probably didn't know her name. SO HERE YOU GO. You're welcome.
- Elizabeth

Liza Corsillo for Hickoree's Hard Goods

My mom was having a kind of tough time at work, so I bought her a bottle of this Morris Kitchen Ginger Syrup by brother-sister duo Tyler and Kari Morris that I saw online to cheer her up. This led to a series of revelations: 
- First off, the ginger syrup tastes spectacular. While my mom is a huge fan of ginger, I have always been sort of neutral on the flavor; this changed my mind completely. I literally want to put this on everything. 
- Second, the bottle the syrup comes in is a classic apothecary inspired amber glass bottle, and has this amazing letter-pressed label on it. I'm still trying to track down who printed it, because it's really quite sweet, with these little asterisks on the side and a great mix of brown and greyish blue ink. 
- Third, the store I bought it from, Hickoree's Hard Goods, seems really cool - they sell a whole slew of well-designed projects and apparel, and while most of it, unfortunately for me, seems to be for men/wonderfully-androgynous-women-whose-body-types-allow-them-to-wear-button-down-shirts-without-gaping, they're definitely work checking out. 
- LASTLY, when I got my package in the mail, it came with this really sick illustrated poster by Liza Corsillo (who is also apparently the sister of the Brothers who own Hickoree's - really, how much cuter could this all be?) I looked her up, and here we are.

I love Liza's unadorned, and unpretentious style. Her hatching and cross-hatching is simple but effective, and she knows just which details and seams to draw on her objects in order to convey their spirit without overdoing it with specifics. I also love how her hand-drawn pencil type totally captures the feel and style of the font being replicated, but without being completely perfect. Hooray! More work on her website.  
- Elizabeth