Domestic Etch "Growth & Decay" available for purchase, plus tote bag give-away and sale!

This issue features interviews with wanderlust-inclined artist Pat Perry, Miami illustrator Danny Brito, oil painter Kris Knight, and the talented doodler and poster designer Sam McKenzie. Also included are original works exploring the theme of “Growth & Decay” by over 20 artists, including Sashiko “Wishcandy” Yuen, Devon Anna Smith, Lilly Piri, Burton Durand, Jared Chapman, Daniel Mackie, Tyler Parker, Nate Koehler, and many more! The front cover is by pug-lover Danny Brito and the back cover is by our pal Burton Durand (who also writes the hilarious Horse-eComics, which you should have seen by now, silly you)

We really need you guys to continue supporting Domestic Etch so that we can keep the blog running and fund future issues, so please take a look at "Growth & Decay" here and consider purchasing a copy, digital or print. It's really a great issue - the interviews are interesting, it has tons of awesome never-before seen art, and it's cheaper than ever before! 
But wait! There's more! if you comment or suggest an artist below, you'll be entered in the running for a free copy of the issue in a new Domestic Etch tote bag! So uh, get commentin' y'all. All other new Domestic Etch merch will officially go on sale sometime in the next few weeks in our new online bOuTiQuE so look on twitter or here for news regarding that as well. 
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Danielle Estefan said...

I don't know who to have covered most of the artists that i love! ♥

rins said...

Just discovered yr magazine through Danny Brito's flickr and I love it! So many artists I love, I am going to buy this issue anyway

I do have suggestions : )
You probably featured some of them already but I found so so many cool artists on flickr, here are some. I hope its not too much, I did held back a bit

stephanie brown.

amy abshier-reyes.

raymond lemstra:

maybe I should stop now.

Oh and me maybe?:

: )

Nina Perkins said...

Adam J Kurtz always does intriguing graphic art, and his Postcard of the Month club was adorable and genius. He would whip up some awesome stuff for Domestic Etch, no doubt about it!

Jenna Crook said...

I make stuff

Devon said...

I don't know who to suggest either! You already include all my favourites. Maybe Karl Kwasny if he hasnt been in before? I need a tote bag pretty bad. X

Cooper said...

I'm not sure who you've done before, bout you should feature of some Amber "Ambird" Seegmiller. Her stuff is amazing and she's pretty well known in the tumblrevrse

kel said...

Hey Elizabeth!

This looks really good!

My suggestions are two of my favourite artists at the moment:
Becca Stadtlander -
Kaye Blegvad -

Kelly :)

Eleanor McComb said...

So I also found Domestic Etch through Danny's website, but since then I've realised that a BUNCH of illustrators I stalk online are all up in here.

Too fantastic.

I like Brenna
and I also do art

... and this is a really good reason why I should organise my bookmarks!!

Bronwyn Aleksandra said...

I suggest a magnificent artist by the name of Peony Yip (AKA The White Deer)

wonderful watercolor and digital work

Jess said...

Congrats Elizabeth on releasing the newest issue of Domestic Etch! You always get such inspiring artists to contribute to the mag so I don't know who to suggest. Just keep it up! :))

Danielle said...

The issue looks fantastic! Loooove Danny Brito. I'm with those who said you've already featured so many of my favorites, but here are a couple of amazing artists I don't believe have been featured

Brigette Barrager
Mab Graves


Jasmine said...

Melinda Tracy Boyce and Aaron Whitaker!

mallory said...

Sarah McNeil!!

Amy said...

Marc Johns :)
Sarah McNeil is also awesome.

Carolyn said...

maybe ivy atoms?

Lilydh14 said...

Adam J Kurtz ( is AMAZING, you should definitely check him out. And the bags look awesome ;) said...

Audrey kawasaki and Handiedan would be great features

Jaly Can said...

Great looking urban art. I am so glad to get a peek at it!

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