Ben Mounsey

Oooh so good! This set of playing card-inspired illustrations by Ben Mounsey is super fun and well executed. Clean lines... nice colors... hot girls... what's not to like? His other work is pretty great too; his quirky typography really ties his style together. Ben is also part of an animation trio with two fellow Bens, Ben O'Brien and Ben Adam, called STUDIO B3N that looks pretty cool. 
- Elizabeth

Riika Sormunen's clean lines

Revisiting the work of Riika Sormumen, who I last posted about over two years ago, because I love her even more now than I did then! I think she's really refined her style, moving away from a sort of over-blended oil look to have this awesome flat but dimensional perspective quality. I also really love the simple way that she's started to draw her women, and how she's embraced using line-work within the shapes of their faces in a way that really  reinforces the smooth, flowing way that she works. Her pink and orange color schemes are also to die for. Yay Riika!
- Elizabeth

Ken Garduno

Totally great work from illustrator Ken Garduno! He manages to use just a small amount of color and line to establish such strong personalities and moods, and I absolutely love love love the delicate but blotchy way that he applies his paint. The awesome LOST piece doesn't hurt, either. Much more work on his website and blog! I also follow him on instagram (my username is DomesticEtch, of course, if you're interested in following me) and he always posts really fun sketches. His username is ken1028.
- Elizabeth

Kyle Fewell

Cats and food and girls.  And cats with food. And girls with cats. And sexy girls. And sexy food. Thank you, Kyle Fewell, truly. 
Click through for the large size so you can get all the good meaty action. 
- Elizabeth

Edward McGowan/Parko Polo

Edward McGowan is a freelance illustrator with a side art project entitled "Parko Polo." I don't know if I could quite pin down what exactly separates the two enterprises, but I love both of his personalities all the same. You know I'm a sucker for bright colors and blocky shapes!

New guest blogger Sashiko Yuen

Ah! Exciting news! My online-soul-sister and all around crazy talented artist friend Sashiko Yuen is going to start guest-blogging on Domestic Etch!
For those of you who don't already know her, Sashiko is an illustrator with a penchant for candy colors and seductive ladies, as well as a talented crafter and baker. She's also been helping out with interviews for the last two issues of Domestic Etch. 
I think she can provide an awesome perspective to the blog as a practicing freelance illustrator, and also as someone who has very different but equally great opinions about art and illustration than I do.
I'll still be posting at least once a day, of course, so in order to keep posting straight (though everything up until now has been posted by me) from now on I'm also going to start signing posts...! But if you're ever unsure on who wrote what, just check the bar at the bottom of the post and it will tell you who the author was. 

Here's some of Sashiko's recent work (the first of which was made for the current issue of Domestic Etch), which you can also buy here.

If you're interested in guest blogging or interviewing artists for print, please send me an email at! 

- Elizabeth

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This issue features interviews with wanderlust-inclined artist Pat Perry, Miami illustrator Danny Brito, oil painter Kris Knight, and the talented doodler and poster designer Sam McKenzie. Also included are original works exploring the theme of “Growth & Decay” by over 20 artists, including Sashiko “Wishcandy” Yuen, Devon Anna Smith, Lilly Piri, Burton Durand, Jared Chapman, Daniel Mackie, Tyler Parker, Nate Koehler, and many more! The front cover is by pug-lover Danny Brito and the back cover is by our pal Burton Durand (who also writes the hilarious Horse-eComics, which you should have seen by now, silly you)

We really need you guys to continue supporting Domestic Etch so that we can keep the blog running and fund future issues, so please take a look at "Growth & Decay" here and consider purchasing a copy, digital or print. It's really a great issue - the interviews are interesting, it has tons of awesome never-before seen art, and it's cheaper than ever before! 
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Daniel Fishel

Daniel Fishel has always been very nice to me on twitter, and yet somehow I have forgotten to do a post on him until now. Shame on me! Anyways, I really like his sketchy textured style of drawing. And as usual, I love the album covers - Daniel has a good eye when it comes to deciding just where to crop an image. Check out his website for more!

Unrelated: I always love finding people who have done work for Allison Weiss because while I have no particular affiliation with her, my twin brother once drove her home from a concert when her car broke down (2 hour drive!) and they stay in touch, and my cousin Hiler also did some album art for her. Small world, eh?