Kai Carpenter

My RA at RISD (Simeon Kondev) actually showed me Kai's work when I was considering majoring in illustration, and though I now think I'm leaning more towards graphic design (I prefer looking at illustration work, but I think I am better suited to graphic design work) I am still completely infatuated with his style.
First off, I love me some good sci-fi/fantasy illustration, and these are so perfectly detailed, right down to the tiniest highlight an air ship's nose (click through if you can, they're much better at full size!). As if that wasn't impressive enough, Kai does all of these in gouache. GOUACHE. But even more impressive, all of the pieces below are under 4" wide. Ahem. I think I've made my point.
Keep up the great work, Kai! More work on his website. Also be sure to check out his awesome comic series "Red Cap" comics, which is, you know, also done in gouache.

I believe this is based off of an actual house in Providence, fyi.


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