Steven Tabbutt

So perfectly surreal, and I love the combination of a smooth paint application with the scratchier hair-like ink lines. I can't decide if I like his fine art or illustration more, but both are great! He also has some nice sketches on his website. 

David Benjamin Sherry's Birth in Futureverse

Great work from David Benjamin Sherry, who was also named one of the New York Times 50 Best Photographers of 2010. I like his "Birth in Futureverse" series in particular, especially his "Self Portrait as The Born Feeling Begins" below, but his more geometric Form Forming Formation is great as well. 

Helena Wurzel

Some interesting ideas about femininity and ritual in Helena Wurzel's pieces. I love how she can use such simple forms and color palettes to convey really layered scenarios, and I admire her ability to comment on modern society and the portrayal of gender and female sexuality and appearance while still creating images that are fun to look at. I also like her willingness to mix gouache and cut paper, which I think often don't work well together, but are very cohesive here. She teaches and critiques at RISD, and some of her work is also available over at 20 x 200.

Evgenia Barinova

Moscow born illustrator Evgenia Barinova (though pronounced as Yevgenia, in case you were wondering) has been making some great stylized illustration. I love the the consistently rectangular but noodly way that she draws her characters, and how she places them in these surprisingly perspective based landscapes. Lots more work on her website, including some really nice simple kids illustrations.

Ellie F-P's "Writers' Portraits"

Love this series of portraits based on famous authors that Ellie F-P (Foreman-Peck, for those who were wondering) did for telegraph review. Really nice texture, and just enough caricature to be recognizable and fun without being too kitschy. Lots more work on her site.

Alex Kanevsky

Just realized I left NY before seeing these paintings at J. Cacciola Gallery!
Anyways, I've always loved Kanevsky. The epitome of haunting painterly portraits, these are so perfectly composed and fluid, capturing the soft colors and curves of the human body while also demonstrating experimental geometric forms.

Paul Hearn "Lustrous Chemistry"

Interesting body of work from Paul Hearn. I really enjoy looking at his modified found objects, though I'm not quite sure what exactly it is that I like about them. Something to do with the total symmetry, I'd guess?

Ray Fenwick

I guess this is just a pattern day...
Great work from Ray Fenwick - love the hand-drawn quality, and the patterns themselves are not just pretty to look at, but also quite funny.Take a look at Ray's lettering work as well if you can; he's all around a pretty talented guy.