Julia Pierone's "More than Violet"

The absolutely most perfect capturing of teenage girls that I have ever seen. It's all hair twirling and lip pursing and awkward hand movements and strange hair accessories. Julia has some other great work on her site as well, but something about these girls just sent me back to 8th grade math class, and I couldn't help but share that.

Israel Sanchez

These are PERFECT! So retro and cinematic. I love the kitschy sci-fi elements, and the damsels in distress, even the lovely blobby clouds. Seriously great. Lots more work and some comics at his website.

Cecy Meade

Great character design work from Cecy Meade! Her work is super cute and sweet without being too... super cute and sweet, and her colors are bright and fun while still clearly considered. Also the way she draws her elephants is kind of too much to handle. More work on her website and flickr.

MtyMx Festival por Cecy Meade from Yo Garage on Vimeo.


Great work from Romanian illustrator Noper. His black and white illustrations are great, but I especially love these surreal three-dimensional renderings of lost worlds inhabited by strange creatures. Lots more work, including some great commercial campaigns, on his website.

Tyler Landry

Great diverse body of work from Tyler Landry! I really love seeing the progression from his ink sketchbook pages to his finished digital pieces. You can find more of his work here.