Ryan Heshka's "Instinction"

I was going to try to write my own blurb about Ryan's show, but the blurb on his site is so accurate that I figured I'd just copy paste NO JUDGEMENT GUYZ

"Ryan Heshka unapologetically pays homage to Golden Era sci fi pulp while creating a style that is also uniquely his own. He explores themes of man vs nature, (even though often the "nature" is from another world) as well as the exploring the ideology of pushing the limits of science as a tool to help and further mankind, and the technological terrors that can be inadvertently unleashed as a result.
His work is acrylic painted on wood panel, heavily varnished and embellished with tags cut from pulp magazines, which serve as inspiration and explanation of each piece."

That said, this show looks really cool, so if you live anywhere near Seattle, you should check it out!
I've posted some of his older work at the bottom to check out, as well. There's also loads more on his website.


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