Karla Murray

I usually don't go for pure landscape, but these paintings of American suburbia by Karla Murray are quite compelling. Perfect use of photo-realism to emphasize the subtle details of both beauty and depression in the mundane. More work on her site, as well as paintings from her other series.

Maya Hayuk

Love the geometric work of Maya Hayuk. You may recognize her work from the cover of Faesthetic (below), but her other work is equally great. Especially digging the ones with interlocking stripes. Check out her site for more painted pieces as well as some cool photography and mural/installation work.


Japanese artist Minchi is churning out some pretty cool work! It has a real trippy late 90's Japanese comic vibe to me, while still seeming more contemporary in terms of background and subject matter. Also, apparently Minchi is also some sort of minced meat dish in Japan? Very appropriately awesome.

Call for submissions

Domestic Etch is starting to collect for the next issue, and we want your work!
We're looking for artwork submissions of any media, interviewees and interviewers, and anything else you think might make a good feature or article!

For artwork submissions, please send an email to elizabeth@domesticetch.com with a link to your portfolio or some attached images by OCTOBER 25th to be considered for the issue. 

If we like your work (which we probably will!) we'll write you after Oct. 25th with the **secret theme** and give you the deadline for images, which will be sometime around early-to-mid December. 

We're super friendly and very excited to see what you guys come up with!

Lu Cong

Amazing work coming from Shanghai-born, Denver-based artist Lu Cong. Cong studied both biology and fine art in school, and you can definitely see the resulting consideration towards accurate anatomy in his work; his rendering of skin is incredible, as is his close attention to bone structure around the eyes and nose. The cool colors in his work create such a haunting atmosphere, which is definitely augmented by the eye contact in most of his pieces - something that while, slightly unusual, really works here. Lots more work on his site.