Domestic Etch Fall-Summer 2011

After months of computer failure and travel and miscommunication, issue 5 of Domestic Etch is FINALLY OUT!
This issue features interviews with Julian Callos, Australian illustrator Mel Stringer, installation and sculpture artist Patrick Jacobs, Stacey Rozich, Benjamin Constantine, artist couple Dimitri “Jangojim” Sakelaropolus and Anneke Caramin, and painter Sophie Bastien, as well as new work from Katie Turner, Andrew Kolb, Devon “Deerface” Smith, Jane Mai, Steph Pena, Sashiko Yuen, Samantha Leriche-Gionet, Mark Silipo (Magic Sweater), and many more. Also inside are multiple comics by Jane Mai and Benjamin Constantine (Plump Oyster). 86 pages of pure arty love!

The front cover art is by the always talented Sashiko Yuen (seen previously here) and the back cover is by the lovely Devon Smith (previously mentioned here)

I really hope you stop by magcloud to take a look, and consider purchasing a copy, digital or print. I think it's our best issue yet, and I hope you'll enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed making it.

Keep your eyes peeled here on the blog for information about submitting to the next issue....!

Jen Mann

BEAUTIFUL. I've seen her work before but I love the lighter floral based portrait direction she's been going recently Much more on her site.

Rus Anson for Youth Vision Magazine

Absolutely spot on lighting and amazingly well integrated props only enhance an already lovely yellow and cream color scheme in this set. I think fashion photography can often fall into the trap of pretty girls making awkward poses, but Rus manages to keep it as a true art form; highlighting the style of the clothes while still supplying just the right amount of quirky commentary from his point of view. The rest of this series and his work is equally great, so check out his website for more.

Jeni Yang

I was on Julian Callos's website (posted previously here and here) and saw a link to his September show (which you should go to, by the way, dude's a genius) with Jeni Yang. I hadn't seen her work before, so I checked out her website, and proceeded to laugh my tush off at the cheeseburger cat/mochi bunny. But in all seriousness, she is a fantastic artist, with just the right amount of kitsch and Asian whimsy in her work. I tweeted about this when I found her work last week but I decided she was too good to not get her own post (#twitterhappy), so I hope you agree!

Brett Manning

Brett is a girl, indeed. A BAD-ASS GIRL!

Steven Hughes

I ask you this - how can you not like a guy whose website title is Seriously though, I could care less about baseball, but these are kind of cool. I also like that his sketches are such characitures compared to the final product. Also the Ben Franklin is an A++

Agata "Krecha" Dudek

Oooh ooh so good! These have a children's illustration scrapbook sensibility, but a very mature approach in terms of composition, subject matter and typography. If only I knew Polish! Loads more (and i mean LOADS) on her website.

Martynka Wawrzyniak

Not quite sure what to make of these, but they are strangely enticing.
They also kind of make me both very happy and very depressed to be a woman.

Chocolate, 2010 from MARTYNKA WAWRZYNIAK on Vimeo.

Lipstick (four), 2010 from MARTYNKA WAWRZYNIAK on Vimeo.

Kira Leigh

Yes please! These are totally great. Such a nice balance of squishy and weird with some recognizable nostalgic elements. See more on Kira's website.