Marcos Chin

I've seen Marcos's work on more than a few sites before and read his blog, but have yet to post about him for some reason - so shameful! Anyways, Marcos is an amazingly talented illustrator with a more than impressive portfolio; he's done work for the New York Times, Penguin Books, Rolling Stone, The New Yorker, etc., and doesn't seem to plan on stopping anytime soon. His illustrations have a wonderful sense of color and balance, and a subtle sense of humor to balances out his interesting takes on lighting and perspective. Also, he happens to write one of the more thoughtful artist blogs I've seen in a while - he is funny but also very earnest, and gives great advice about overcoming both visual and life problems, as well as interesting thoughts about the illustration industry. His students at SVA are very lucky! Check out his site for more work than you can probably look at in one sitting.


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