Heather Horton

Oh my God oh my God oh my God. You know I love realism, but you also know I love painterly brush strokes and unexpected colors in representational paintings, so just imagine my excitement when I came across the work of Heather Horton. Not only is she an absolutely exquisite technical painter (oh Lordy look at those folds of fabric) but she's able to capture amazing snapshots of solitude simply and beautifully; looking at her paintings, I feel sympathy for these seemingly expressionless and depressed women, but also a strong sense of release and redemption. Heather approaches the idea of bed and the human effects on fabric to capture the recharging power of sleep and quiet that everyone experiences on a daily basis. I hope you get as much emotion out of them as I do, and please go on her site to see more! She also has a few interesting process posts on her blog, like this one for the 5th image below.


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