Angie Wang

Absolutely obsessed with the work of Portland artist Angie Wang right now. Often, I think these kind of digitally colored and tightly rendered line drawings look flat, but Angie's work is far from flat; I love her sinuous Japanese folk inspired ladies and surreal scenery, and the tiny linework she does in fur and tree branches. Her color schemes are great as well, pairing muted orange with neon magenta, and, another personal favorite of mine, she colors her outlines with navy blues, army greens, and even (GASP) pale pink. Kudos, and can't wait to see more! You can also check out one of her illustrations in this month's issue of Nylon, or go on her site for more more more.

love the ombre omg


Wishcandy said...

I love Angie Wang too. Hardcore lovin'. Great to see you do as well.

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