Call for submissions

Domestic Etch is starting to collect for the next issue, and we want your work!

We're looking for artwork submissions of any media, interviewees and interviewers, and anything else you think might make a good feature or article! No need to create anything original for this first email submission, though the final due date for approved work on the theme will be mid-June.

Send an email to with a link to your portfolio or some attached images by April 25th to get involved!

Melissa Campa

I really love these colored pencil drawings by Melissa Campa - just the right amount of sexy to balance out the sweet. Here's her blog...

Valentin Fischer

I can't seem to find much information about Valentin, except that he is German, and that most people posting about him online seem to think he's a woman. What I can tell though, is that he's one of a select group of illustrators nowadays who are able to make digital work that is as emotionally compelling and beautiful as traditional painting. I love the soft skin and glowing backgrounds, and the hints of geometry and symbolism in his work. He says he is influenced by James Jean and Sam Weber, and I can definitely see the connection in his work. His name also sounds like Valentine Fisher, which is pretty cool as well. Here's his website and blog.

Andrew Kolb

Rebecca Simon

(Note: let me just say that I met Rebecca over half a year ago at this show, yet have somehow managed not to post about her work already. For that I am sorry!)

Some of the scenes that Rebecca paints remind me of a cotton candy colored version of my horribly awkward Bat Mitzvah or my mom's junior prom. Others are closer to what I suppose I wished my Bat Mitzvah had been like - wonderfully composed and feminine snapshots of time. Either way, there is no question that Rebecca has an incredible eye. Her CV is particularly impressive, as she got her B.A. in Fine Arts from the University of Pennsylvania, a post-baccalaureate certificate in painting from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and this year, her MFA from Hunter College in New York City. Her work will be in the annual "Made in NY 2011" juried exhibition at the Schweinfurth Art Center in NYC, which other than having my charming boss Kenise Barnes as one of the jurors, has its opening reception is this sunday so stop by if you're in the area! Here's her website for more lovely work.

Niki Pilkington

Loving the accents of color on these pencil works by Niki Pilkington! She's able to use simple materials to draw simple and effective illustrations, and yet her girls still manage to have such personality and style. I only wish I spoke Welsh so I could understand what all her beautiful typography actually says! 

Can't wait to see more by her - plus she's selling prints soon. Yay! See her website for loads more, and commission her if you're interested, because it seems that, yes, she really wants to draw you.

Oli Kellet

I'm so smitten with his work that I can barely even translate my passion into words, but here's a small attempt: Olli Kellet's photos seem to be of a summer with bleached sunlight and pastel bicycles, where the mundane becomes the extraordinary, and trees turn into people. He has an amazing sense of color and humor, and creates beautiful diptychs that tell bizarre narratives of office romance, or rather, Danielle Steele love stories. In short, he is a God. Please stop by his website to drool over more of his photography!

Steven Morris Butterbroda

Absolutely and totally smitten with the color schemes and iconography in Western inspired Butterbroda series by Steve Morris. He is absolutely one of the most talented artists I can think of right now - he manages to make compelling and unique work in every single medium, including some fantastic graphic novels with Dark Horse. Support him and check out his etsy and blog to see more and maybe have some of these lovelies adorning your walls!

Raymond Lemstra

These fleshy hairy creatures will probably give me bad dreams, but I think I could start to enjoy that.