Yoshimasa Tsuchiya

Beautiful carved wood sculptures by Japanese artist Yoshimasa Tsuchiya

Emily Warren

Lovely paper-mache taxidermy by Emily Warren

Kenn Goodall

Diggin the Demitri Martin. More on his site :)

Sarah McNeil

(it's appropriate that I'm posting this after Devon Smith, because her and Sarah McNeil were recently together over here in the states for Sarah's show!)

Anyways, Sarah's animals are just too damn cute. I especially love the pair of drawings with the little foxes, and the precise way in which she draws her leaves and branches. She's closing her shop so she can "concentrate on working on some new projects and art things" so if you want to buy some of her work you better snatch it up quick (and while it's on sale!)
Otherwise, check out her blog to see more work!

Devon Smith

To continue tonight's posting trend of awesome female illustrators who I've recently bought prints from, I present the darling Devon Smith. I'm too tired to really try and capture the essence of her work in words, but her girls are really adorable and mysterious and strange in all the right ways. And they have such lovely rosey cheeks! Check out her flickr to see her work, and her etsy to buy your own prints or pins (I bought a print of Prudence, the lovely girl with the arrow just below, if you're curious)

Lilly Piri

I've been loving the work of the Australian Lilly Piri recently! It's so gentle and feminine, and the way she draws her people is just so cute. I bought a print of the little deer and it's now hanging above my desk looking charming. See loads more on her website, and take a look at her etsy shop to get some prints of your own!

Samantha Leriche-Gionet

Samantha wrote me a very sweet email after I followed her on twitter, and it is no surprise her illustrations are just as sweet! I love her mix of watercolor texture and contemporary composition and subject matter.

As a side note, I saw her "Fout Tu" animation (below) nearly 3 years ago when I first joined deviantArt (don't judge me) and way before Domestic Etch had even begun, and at the time thought it was amazing and spectacular and yet so far away from me. How's that for fate?

Fou tu (Fool ed) (2005) from Samantha Leriche-Gionet on Vimeo.

Yuta Onoda

Mixed media ftw! More here.

Julian Callos

So, earlier, when I was posting about Julian Callos's triptychs, I kept thinking I had already posted about him because his name sounded so familiar. I just realized now that the reason was because he was the one who did the awesome spirit animal sculptures last month! So, here they are too, if you haven't seen them before, because they are absolutely spectacular. You have a little under a year to become his best friend and get him to make you one.