Tom Rainford

Amazing book, 2 even more amazing covers. His other work is great too, as one might expect.
(this one's for you Lily)

Chuck Groenink


Lilli Carre

Lilli's always been one of my favorite illustrators, and will always continue to be. I had to take a screencap of the enter page and post it. It's just that amazing. Also, the gifs (click the second to play it) are genius. Loads more on the site.

Head Garden from Lilli Carré on Vimeo.

James Boast Lino's

These are great! I wish more people took the time and care he did with these. They have that nice rough printed quality while still being meticulous about detail in the grass, trees etc.

Maggie Li

Maggie Li knows how to use texture. Her work is super cute and somewhat retro, but also has a very modern sensibility thanks to fun poppy colors. I especially love her Christmas card designs, and only wish my family had given out such adorable ones!

Catherine Campbell

Frankie magazine always has great illustrators. Catherine Campbell is one of them.

Dale Bowers

(I'm finding all these amazing artists thanks to my loverrly new twitter account (@domesticetch of course)
I'm not quite sure what to do with it yet, but feel free to add me! I'll post fun stuff more often than I do on here perhaps)

Errways moving on: I think these are really great, cinematic and textured with lots of hidden Victorian storylines. I especially love the two smoking images (green and suspenders), I think the pencil underneath gives them such a nice depth. Definitely check out his website for more - he does portrait commissions as well, if you've ever wanted to have a painting of yourself that looks like it's from there will be blood.

Kira Shaimanova

I love love love these! It's great to see such a successful integration of a 3D medium into a 2D driven illustration world. Also, Amy Winehorse should win an oscar. Kira was recently in a show at NARWHAL in Toronto, though if you didnt make it, there's some more images on her website and blog