Caitlin Shearer Pencil Girls

Loving these new pencil drawings Caitlin Shearer's done for the nine lives gallery in Brisbane.

Ben Aslett

I was chit-chatting with Benjamin Wright and he mentioned that his friend, Ben Aslett, read my blog. I was flattered, and proceeded to look him up. Needless to say, I was impressed. Aslett has a really nice sense of composition, and draws these great goofy characters. They remind me a bit of those old duplo dolls - but far cuter of course! My favorite works of his are the (earlier?) more pastel colored ones - they have a nice geometric simplicity, and I do love an illustration on a white background. Cheers to mutual artists friends!

It's my birthday!

There's nothing particularly special about turning 17, but a birthday's a birthday, and today is mine!
If anyone is so inclined, birthday posts/arty presents would cheer me up while I have the flu and wait on my college acceptance (rejection?) letters.

Lots of love, and thanks to everyone for reading etch. You guys make me so happy!

Here's a lovely picture my pal Alex (It's a jackal) drew of me a while back.