Kris Knight

This guy is a freaking GOD. Though I wish I could claim to have stumbled across him on my own, I found his images over at the beautiful new kitsune noir the fox is black blog.
Regardless, I am completely smitten. It's no surprise Kris is Canadian - there's something distinctly canuck about the pale faces and rosy cheeks. I also have no shame in admitting most Canadians are beautiful, which is clearly equally portrayed in the succulent pouts and glossy skin of his models.
While I do love "deadly nightshade", even his oldest works are stunning. They're sometimes not as moonlit, but remain compelling in the same mysterious way. I'm literally swooning right now. Anyways, I have already made "run deep" my desktop background and can't stop looking at it. Check out his flickr for a full collection of all his work, and his website for more info.


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