FALL 2010 is out!

I finally got my shit together!
If you love me, you'll buy a copy. If you don't love me but like art, you should still buy one. It's 25% off right now, which is even more motivation. Please please please! It's super cool. If you enjoy this blog, this will be like an awesome printed version with extra secret stuff that you wouldn't get on here.

This issue features interviews with James "nas chompas" Mitchell, Luke Pearson, Alison Brady, Paul Blow, and Ines Estrada. It also showcases original art by Liam "ghostpockets" Byrne, Elizabeth Goodspeed, Alison Richards, Justin Nelson, Andrew Bell, Fernando Chamarelli and Nathan Lee Bush, as well as articles on Jakub Kujawa and video game design.

Buy it here!
It's 25% off
It's super awesome!!


Anonymous said...

cool, are you gonna be selling them/giving them out in school?

pretty awesome blog, by the way. love the witty posts and all the featured art. why are there not more comments on this thing?!


Elizabeth Goodspeed said...

CLEARLY I'M A FAILURE. Yeah, I'm not sure why. Thanks though : )
I'm not giving them out in school fo' free, but I always give one to library for their collection, and am happy to get copies to people who want them.

Anonymous said...

no you're clearly NOT a failure.
ah ok, i'll check it out at the library. and i'd love to write an article or submit some art for an upcoming issue, let me know if you need any help!

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