Work of Art: Peregrine Honig

She didn't win, but this piece really is fucking stunning.

P.S. Peregrine is interviewed about her artwork and inspirations, as well as about the annual Valentine's Day Ball that she hosts, in the Valentines 2011 issue of Domestic Etch - take a look here, and enjoy the excerpt below!
- Elizabeth

Domestic Etch: How do you think fashion and sex intertwine? How does your "puberty for Louis Vutton" and other fashion series images explore this? Your awfulbet series?
Peregrine Honig: Who are we kidding? Shirley Temple’s parents told her she was younger than she was so her talent would seem obscene for her age. Models were required
to carry a sort of “health” passport to prove they were acceptable for the runway
in Spain. Starving and vomiting does not make you a model. Have you seen
these girls- they are genetic anomalies. They are like basketball players or
albino peacocks. The self-punishment is learned from warnings about self-punishers. It has nothing to do with fashion and everything to do with stubborn fear and feminine rage. The first documentation of anorexia was noted in wealthy Victorian girls.

DE: When was the first valentines ball? Where did the idea originate?
PH: I came up with the idea of the Fahrenhieit Valentine Ball when I was 19. The
summer after establishing the name “Fahrenheit” I started a traditional - an
annual “stag prom” hiring national and international musicians and DJ’s for the
evening and curating around and playing on the theme of different kinds of love.
The Fahrenheit Valentine Ball has evolved into an underground pre Mardis Gras
Society Party, always falling on the night of February the 14th..

DE: What have been your favorite past themes? What's the most memorable thing
that's happened at any ball?

PH: Love Knot, Love Toys, Jungle Love, Hunting For Love, The Blue Love Ball,
Love International, Albino Love, Honey Love - The Beekeepers Ball. 
In 2004, a beautiful young couple drunkenly and spontaneously married at 5am with a
pewter skull ring by a musician ordained in California to a friend playing taps on a
broken bugle.


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