KBFA - Cool and Collected

I was lucky enough to get an internship at a fabulous gallery this summer, and I'm really excited to tell you guys about our current show! We've been working super hard all week to get the new exhibit up, and after the opening on thursday, I'm even more excited about the work featured. The show is called "Cool and Collected," and it features works from artists living in Brooklyn between the ages of 18 and 33. All of the artists are really wonderful, but here's just a few of my favorites from the 27 images featured in the show.

I'll definitely do some follow up features on some of these guys in the future - they're all really cool people, and hopefully I can see some of their studios or learn more about their work before I give away too much (the 3D like wood piece is actually done by a graduate of my high school, Scott Goodman.) Pleease go on our gallery website to see the rest of the works, and if you're nearby, definitely check the gallery out for yourself.

Michelle Hinebrook

Ernest Concepcion (amazing artist and hilarious person all around - gotta love anyone who appreciates starcraft as much as I do)

Rebecca Simon (gave me a silly band at the opening Y)

Amy Lincoln (see above post!)


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