Ward Roberts

Every once and a while I get an email from an artist suggesting I take a look at their work; I usually quite enjoy what I'm sent, and rarely decline featuring them. But when Ward Roberts sent me an email the other day, I was blown away. I really wish I'd come across him myself, and can't believe I haven't seen more of his work around.

Anyways: I love his courts series - it's funny to think of all the ways in which the idea of "court" can be manifested, and the flat angle he shoots from gives the photos a nice consistency while also allowing for switches between various color and texture.
That said, I love "minimum" just as much, for well, it's simple minimalism. The series is so subtle-classic yet contemporary- and it took me 3 looks to realize what that first image was a picture of (won't give it away!).
Lastly though, I am obsessed with "48 hours." I don't even know how to describe the series, let alone figure out exactly how Ward shot it, but it's simply beautiful. There's a lot of variety in the series; some photos are especially embryonic, others oceanic and sensual, and a few almost alien.

I don't want to blabber on or post too many pictures, so definitely check out his site for more amazing work. I really hope he puts up some new images soon, because I can't wait to see more.
- Elizabeth


Lou Murphy said...

stunning photos. exactly the kind of thing i like, they kind of reminded of Jeff Wall. thanks for that!

Anonymous said...

I love the minimum series!

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